Only 6 Months Till Summer: Why You Should Start Working For It Now

In this post I will be talking about why it’s important to start working towards your summer glow up now.

As the new year blooms, so does the opportunity to working towards our summer glow up. The early bird gets the worm. And it’s the same with building those healthy, happy habits that will give you the best summer yet. It’s so important to start early when you want to achieve things, this will give you more time for trial and error, and it’s much easier to get adjusted to your new empowering lifestyle.

Why Start early?

Crash diets and last-minute lifestyle changes never work. Which makes sense. It’s hard to change the things we have been doing for months, even years, overnight. We are more likely to stick to long-term changes when we introduce them gradually. Starting 6 months early allows us to ease into our new empowering routine.

More important reasons why you should start now:

Hormone balance: Hormones play an important role in our metabolism and body composition. Starting early and slow with our lifestyle changes will make sure that we are maintaining our hormonal balance, which can positively impact our weight management, skin health and overall well-being.

Building habits takes time: It takes an average of 66 days to establish a new behavior. By starting now, you allow plenty of time for trial and error while incorporating these healthy habits. This way they become a natural part of your daily routine!

It’s psychological: Girls who plan and prepare for changes in advance are more likely to follow through. Preparing yourself mentally and emotionally over the upcoming 6 months helps create a positive mindset and reduces the stress t

hat comes with sudden lifestyle adjustments. So take it slow and day by day, keep going!

Avoiding overwhelm: The more choices we have to make, the more mental fatigue we experience. Starting super early reduces our need to make so many decisions all at once. We can manage our time better and feel less overwhelmed when working towards our summer glow-up.

What to avoid

To be clear a summer glow up is not about being the skinniest you’ve ever been. It’s all about creating a positive relationship with your body, building that confidence and leading a healthy and happy lifestyle. I know how hard it is when summer comes and you don’t feel comfortable in your body or wearing a bikini. Let’s make sure this year your summer will be the best you’ve ever had. No doubts, no insecurities and no negative self talk!

To avoid having another uncomfortable summer, there are a few things you should stop doing:

Crash diets: Crash diets can lead to short-term weight loss followed by rapid weight regain. It can cause hormone imbalances due to drastic caloric changes, muscle loss, nutrient deficiency, impaired growth and development and much more icky stuff. Not only that but it takes you down on a slippery slope where you don’t want to be. Health should be your main focus always!

Guilt and punish mentality: Viewing food or exercise as a form of punishment creates an unhealthy relationship with both. Instead look at food as fuel and nourish your body celebrating your progress instead of feeling guilty. And if you do have days where you eat a little unhealthier, that’s totally normal! Just make sure your overall food is healthy and nourishing for your body in the long run.

Fear of being social: A summer glow-up is all about enjoying your life to the fullest! Your time to shine is now. Avoid isolating yourself from social activities due to body image concerns. I totally get it and we will do our best to avoid having those feelings all together this year. But if they do come up, don’t listen to them. You are gorgeous and you deserve to spend time with friends / family. Focus on creating memories this summer that you will cherish forever.

Neglecting self care: Skin care routines, body routines, wellness resets, they are all apart of our overall glow. Don’t forget to take the time daily to reset and have a little self care moment. Even better, have a dedicated day during the week like a “Self Care Sunday” to really pamper yourself and make sure you look and feel your best.

In summary, your summer glow-up should be all about having your best summer yet. Avoid toxic behaviors and work on building your confidence. Start slow and early so you have all the time to get comfortable in time for summer. Build those healthy, happy habits that will make you look and feel your best this year. <3

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