6 Months Till Summer: Your Ultimate 6 Month Glow Up Guide

As the new year unfolds, so does the countdown to summer. You might be thinking, what? This early? YES. Summer is about 6 months away at the time I’m writing this post. This is the perfect time to start thinking about what we want our summer to be like. The earlier you start, the easier it is to achieve all your summer dreams! So rather than feeling overwhelmed by last-minute transformations, let’s start working on our glow up together now.

In this post I will guide you through the next 6 months and what you can do to make sure you look and feel your best when summer arrives.

Why Start early?

We are starting off super early. At the time I’m writing this post it is still January. For years I’ve always had goals for summer but I let life pass me by and when May came around I started to panic, thinking how can I look and feel my best when summer is already knocking at my door? This year let’s say goodbye to those feelings and make place for a more empowering approach.

Your 6 months glow up foundation

Below is your ultimate guide for your best summer yet! <3 Each month you will be adding new habits to your daily routine. Make sure to keep doing the habits when the month ends. So all the habits you start doing 6 months before summer you will continue doing 5 months before, 4 months before, 3 months before and all the way up until summer! With each new month you will just keep adding more! It would be even more amazing if you could make them apart of your daily life forever.

6 Months Until Summer

Action steps:

Healthy eating: Start adding more healthy, nourishing foods into your meals. More dark leafy greens, vegetables, big nourishing breakfasts. Start seeing food as your fuel, if you don’t provide your body with the right kind and amount of foods, it won’t work in your favor! Healthy food is energy, glowing skin, health and happiness.

Daily Walks: Begin taking daily walks to stay active and boost your mood! You can walk in the gym or at home on a treadmill but I would really really recommend for you to take your walks outside. The fresh air does wonders for your mental well being.

Vision Boards: Create a few vision boards to visualize your summer goals. Make them inspiring and motivating. This way you have something to reference if you feel a little lost on your summer glow up journey.

5 Months Until Summer

Reduce Greasy and Fried Foods: Cut back on ultra processed and unhealthy foods. Especially greasy and fried foods. Not only do these foods negatively impact your health, they also can cause hormonal and physical changes that can worsen your skin and complexion. We want that glowy summer skin! So cutting back on these foods early, will give you enough time to achieve that. Does this mean no more fries? Of course not. Just enjoy these foods in moderation!

Workout Routine: Find a workout routine that works for you and start incorporating it into your lifestyle. Personally I will be adding runs to my routine, Pilates and Yoga and some strength training. I like to have a variety of workouts so I don’t get bored so easily. By starting to build your routine now you can build confidence, resilience and the stamina to enjoy your summer.

Consistency: Start working on your consistency. Remember the promises you make to yourself and keep them. It’s time to let go of the “I’ll start tomorrow” mindset and start your habits today. Even if you think your whole day was a “bad day” you can still finish off strong by doing a evening yoga session for example. Think of the person you want to become and act like her.

4 Months Until Summer

Skin Care Routine: Start your summer skin care routine. I’m sure you already have a skin care routine you do daily. Start adding products into your routine that will give you that glowy summer skin! Think about Vitamin C, Niacinamide and hydrating ingredients. Also don’t forget to wear your sunscreen daily when going outside. It’s the ultimate secret to flawless, glowy skin.

Summer Aesthetic: What will your summer aesthetic be? Obviously you look amazing the way you are now. But to me, it’s so much fun to pick a type of aesthetic for summer and dress for the occasion. For example in summer I like to grow my hair out mermaid style and do fun mermaid type hairstyles.

Posture Routine / Stretches: Begin to add a stretch / posture routine to your schedule. Personally I like to do a little yoga each morning to wake up my body. You can do a special Yoga Posture routine to really get all the benefits. Improving your posture will work wonders on your confidence, trust me.

3 Months Until Summer

Wardrobe Refresh: Start building your wardrobe with key summer pieces! Maybe buy some new bikinis that make you feel confident. Hair accessories, new shoes, cute workout clothes. Everything that makes you feel amazing during summer and you can wear on your active summer days. Clean out your closet and look for your favorite summer clothes. This is the time to look at your visionboard and build on your summer aesthetic.

Get up Earlier: Now that the days are getting longer, let’s take advantage of the sun and get up earlier. This is a great habit to build for summer, it will make sure that you can enjoy the days and maybe even catch a sunrise. Make sure to start working on you sleep schedule. Early nights and early mornings are key. This will help you be more productive, energized and boost your mood and overall well-being.

Increase Workouts: By now you have been doing your new workout routine for 3 months already! Change some things up and level up on others. Maybe take a few longer runs, do a longer yoga workout, whatever feels good to you! It’s time to really put in the work and make yourself strong and confident. When doing this, make sure to also fuel your body accordingly! You don’t want to under eat and over train as this will hinder your progress and have you feeling dull and lifeless by the time summer comes around.

2 Months Until Summer

Fruits, Veggies and Salads: Now that spring is here let’s eat more fresh, cooling foods to keep your body cool and hydrated. Start adding even more veggies and fruits into your meals. Make big salads, fruit salads, protein smoothies and juices. All these antioxidants and vitamins will not only make you feel great but also look great too!

Body Hygiene: With summer just around the corner and spring in full motion, it’s time to take give our bodies a little extra love. When wearing a bikini we want to feel confident, fierce and beautiful. To make sure that happens we can give our bodies a little extra care. Think of getting a laser treatment for unwanted hair, body scrubs, lymph drainage, massages, a bikini wax, a little extra body lotion. Start doing all the things to get your body ready, glowing and looking amazing for summer.

1 Month Until Summer

Summer Prep: Start prepping for summer! Organize your wardrobe, add your favorite summer clothes and shoes. Prep your jewellery, bags and other accessories you want to wear. Get your bikinis ready, maybe buy some new ones.

Summer Body Routine: Personally in summer my body needs a little extra love. More sunscreen, more waxing (obviously lol) and I like to have a little more glow by using body lotions and scrubs. I recommend adding a weekly summer prep body routine so you always feel ready to take on the day. It’s the worst when we want to do spontaneous things and then we remember we haven’t shaved for a week. Nothing worse than a last minute shave (ouch). Also start to add cooling ingredients in your skin care routine like Aloe Vera and face masks. To keep our skin fresh and glowing.

Healthy Habits: Keep doing all the healthy habits you have done so far! Like your workout routines, daily walks, better posture etc.

I hope by the time summer comes around you are feeling the most confident you have ever felt in your life. Each time you finish a habit, feel those empowering feelings and use them to keep you motivated! All these tiny steps add up and will help you to have a massive transformation for summer.

Each month I will be going more in depth into what you can do until summer arrives with more examples and a few mini guides. For now, I hope this post has inspired you to take transform your life for the better and start working on yourself because you love yourself! <3

And remember, your summer glow up is all about making sure you have the best summer you have had so far! It’s NOT about being the skinniest or eating the healthiest foods or working out the most. It’s about you feeling amazing and comfortable in your body so you can go out and enjoy summer to the fullest!

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