Your Ultimate (free!) March Glow Up Schedule

Your March Glow Up Schedule

Already two months in the new year! Crazy how fast the time goes huh? Now that February is almost finished, it’s time for a new monthly glow up schedule! Use this schedule as inspiration for your own 2024 glow up.

In this blog post I will show you an example of a March glow up schedule.

Why this March schedule helps you reach your goals

This March glow up schedule is a great example of what you can do daily to reach your 2024 glow up goals. This schedule will make sure you build those healthy habits that you need to transform into the person you truly are. Each day take a look at the schedule and work towards the task of the day.

Why this March schedule works:

  • build consistency
  • gives clear examples on what to do daily
  • motivates and inspires you to keep working towards your goals
  • builds healthy, happy habits

Your March 2024 Glow Up Schedule

Below is your ultimate March glow up schedule! Keep in mind that this schedule is an example and not a strict plan. You can switch up the days and even do multiple activities on one day if you’re up to it! Maybe you want to workout more or not workout at all. It’s all about doing at least one habit daily to work towards your glow up. Make sure to adjust the schedule to your own goals and needs for the best chance at success! <3 Good luck and have fun!

BONUS: I’ve also added a free glow up goals wallpaper! Use it as your lock-screen so you won’t forget about your goals this month.

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Use this schedule to prep for your summer glow up and crush your goals this month! I believe in you! <3

XO Bambi.

Hi! I'm Bambi.

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