Self Love Affirmations and Vision Board Quotes for Valentines Day

Valentines is the perfect day to show some love to yourself by building a positive mindset with affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements or phrases that you repeat to yourself daily or more. They help you to overcome negative self talk and speak more kindly and loving to yourself. Over time it will become natural to say these things and you will actually start loving yourself more.

In this post I have collected some of my fav Valentines Day affirmations and vision board quotes.

How To use THESE VALENTINES DAY affirmations

Here’s a simple process on how to use these affirmations for an amazing self love Valentine’s Day:

Step 1: Be positive.

Think about what makes u unique, valuable and so so deserving of love. Pick the affirmations you relate with most or the ones that inspire you the most. For example look at how unique your beauty is! A fitting affirmation for that would be “I am so beautiful.”

Step 2: Create your ritual.

Affirmations work best when you use them in your daily routine. Consider creating a little self love ritual each morning for example. Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus on yourself. Repeat your favorite, inspiring affirmations out loud or silently, and really emphasize the words so you clearly get the message. You can even do this in front of a mirror for even better results! Repeat this ritual consistently and even more on Valentines day.

Step 3: Show self love.

On Valentines day, take a moment after your affirmation ritual to express the love you have for yourself. Even if it isn’t much at the moment. Loving yourself is so important! Loving ourselves means we can love others more and ultimately make the world a happier place.

My hope is that these affirmations and quotes grow the love you have for yourself and others. I know it may seem so cheesy and cuckoo sometimes, but trust me it works! Get out of your comfort zone and watch your life get better with each little step. <3

Be on the lookout for more affirmations this Valentines day! See you soon.

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