Day 19: The Art of Regular Check-Ins: Your Guide to Tracking Your 2024 Glow Up | The 30 Blossom Challenge

Today we will be talking about what it actually takes to stay consistent with your goals.

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork for our 2024 glow-up by focusing on our goals, routines, and organizing both our digital and physical spaces, it’s time to make sure that we actually stick with them and keep them on our radar. To ensure that our motivation doesn’t fade we will be working on creating a weekly Goal Check-In.

Why Weekly Goal Check-Ins are Important

Weekly goal Check-Ins are our designated time to cheer for our wins, tackle the challenges and change our game plan for even more success! And they also help us keep our goals visible and in front of us to make sure we don’t let our desires fade away. But to me the best thing about having a weekly Goal Check-In is how I can look at my progress and celebrate those tiny wins and how it shows me that if I keep going I am on the right track towards reaching my goals! It’s super motivating.


A weekly goal Check-In is a designated review day where you can take a step back and remind yourself of why you started this journey in the first place! It also helps you to stay consistent and motivated by changing things up and adjusting your plans. Here are some things you can add to your own goal Check-In:

A Consistent Check-In Day and Time

We have talked before about how consistency creates those healthy, happy habits. Choosing a specific day and time for your goal Check-In ensures that it becomes a regular part of your routine, reinforcing your commitment and motivating you through the weeks.

Celebrating Milestones and Wins

Celebrating even the smallest achievements provide you with a positive boost, reinforcing the idea that you are making progress. This positive reinforcement fuels your motivation and encourages you to keep making an effort.

Evaluate Any Challenges and Setbacks

We all hit bumps in the road. Sometimes things just don’t work out or we just didn’t have any time. Accepting that you will have challenges is the first step to overcoming them! If you come across any challenges don’t feel bad and just change your plan or continue where you left off. Setbacks are an opportunity for you to grow!

Review and Adjust Goals

Just like we have done the Review, Reflect and Adjust process during our Blossom Challenge journey u should also do the same for your weekly goal Check-In. This will help you make sure your goals stay relevant and aligned with your desires and day to day life. Review your progress, reflect on your milestones and adjust any things you need to change.

Create a New Weekly Routine

Review the weekly routines you have created for yourself and adjust them accordingly. Add new appointments or change things up to keep it fun and motivating. Maybe you even hit a milestone this week! For example if you ran your first 5K adjust your workout routine for the next running milestone!


To summarize the weekly goal Check-In process here is a 5 step plan on how to create your own.

  • Step 1: Set a Consistent Day and Time
  • Step 2: Celebrate Your Wins No Matter How Small
  • Step 3: Address Any Challenges and Setbacks
  • Step 4: Review Your Goals and Adjust
  • Step 5: Create a New Weekly Routine / Adjust Your Weekly Routine

By taking the time to do these things each week you set your 2024 goal journey up for success. It’s so important to take a step back regularly to take a look at how far you have come and what you can do to keep going. Make sure to make this a part of your weekly routine, it doesn’t have to be long and complicated. Just being mindful of your goals and progress will already help you so much! Good job today and see you on day 20!

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