Day 17: Declutter Your Digital Space | The Blossom Challenge


In today’s world we find ourselves in an online world every hour of every day. Especially social media provides us a wide range of opportunities and information, but also a potential distraction from our goals. On day 17 of our glow up journey, we will be making sure our digital world doesn’t stand in the way of our goals by decluttering our digital space.


While a cluttered digital space might not take up space in real life, it can for sure make our heads feel like they’re going to explode. Having a cluttered mind for me means, I’m stressed, lose track of my goals and basically everything becomes a sh*t show. That’s why regularly de cluttering our digital space along with our physical space will not only help us reach our goals but also keep our mind calm.

3 Simple Steps To Declutter Your Digital Space

To de clutter your digital space it’s important to first do some cleaning and get rid of the non motivating, mind cluttering stuff. Getting rid of these things will help direct your mind onto what truly matters to you and keep you more motivated on your journey. Today we will be focusing on our phone / iPad, because that’s what a lot of people use most.

STEP 1. Get Rid Of What You Don’t Need

First we will get rid of everything that no longer serves or motivates us. It’s equally important to take a good look at your social media and see who you follow. Before doing this, make sure to make a backup ( for example in your iCloud ) of everything in case you delete something you shouldn’t have.

  • Delete Unused Apps / Games
  • Delete Pictures And Files You Don’t Need Or Like Anymore
  • Delete Spotify Playlists You Don’t Listen To
  • Unfollow Demotivating and Toxic Accounts That Make You Feel Bad
  • Delete Old Accounts You Don’t Use
  • Clear Out Your Histories and DM’s
  • Block Annoying / Toxic / Anxiety Inducing Accounts
  • Delete Old Notes and Duplicate Photos
  • Delete Old Pinterest Boards
  • Delete Unused Notion Templates and Good Notes Notebooks

Personally I wouldn’t recommend watching the news daily or following too many new accounts. For a lot of us the daily news can be anxiety inducing and it also sometimes creates a negative outlook of the world when in reality if we look at our own personal lives things are a lot better.

STEP 2. Organize

  • Create Albums To Organize Your Photos
  • Sort Your Apps Into Categories / Folders
  • Use A Cute (affirmation) Background
  • Create Albums For Your Social Media Likes / Saves (For TikTok, Instagram etc)
  • Organize Your Pinterest Boards
  • Organize Your Spotify Playlists

STEP 3. Make It Positive

  • Follow Motivating And Inspiring Accounts
  • Make Pinterest Motivation Boards
  • Create Spotify Playlists For Focus / Studying / Good Mood etc.
  • Download Apps That Help With Your Goals (To Do Lists, Daily Routine Apps etc)
  • Make Everything Cute! Match colors, find cute wallpapers, have an aesthetic theme.

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Don’t skip this step and make sure to take the time to declutter your digital space. It will help you stay on your journey towards your goals this year. Tomorrow we will stay on the course of decluttering and look at our physical space. Good luck and see you tomorrow! 🌸🌟 #Blossom2024 #GlowUpChallenge #DreamBig #BlossomwBlossly

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