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DAY 16: Your Ultimate Sunday Self-Care Reset Routine for Your 2024 Glow Up

Setting goals for 2024 is undeniably motivating. However the harsh reality is that more than half of the people setting goals will probably abandon them before the end of January. Our day to day life takes over and it’s easy to lose sight of all those motivating and inspiring goals we have set so far.

But no worries! I got you. This is precisely where your ultimate Self-Care Sunday Reset Routine steps in to break the cycle. It’s essential to incorporate at least one day a week where we can self-reflect, relax and get re motivated to keep working on our goals!

How To Not Let Your Glow Up Journey Fizzle Out

Having a self-care reset Sunday is essential when it comes to staying consistent towards your goals! Not only do these days help you de-stress and relax, they also make sure that you are ready for the upcoming week ahead.

What Exactly Is A Self-Care Reset Sunday?

A Self-Care Reset Sunday is like a weekly spa day for your mind, body and goals. It’s the day where you pamper yourself, reflect on your goals and reset your mind and home for the week ahead. It’s like a refresh button so you can continue working towards your goals!

What To Include In Your Self Care Reset Sunday

Your Sunday should be all about relaxing and unwinding. Here are a few things you can include:

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Make Your Own Routine

I like to combine my reset + self care activities on Sunday but you can obviously choose to do them separately on different days if that works better for you. To make your own Self-Care Reset Routine:

Step 1. Ask yourself how you would want to feel at the end of the week, how you can be ready for the week ahead and what could help you relax.

Step 2. Choose activities and habits that you will start doing each Sunday. Think about your physical well being, your mental health and your overall desires and goals. Take another look at the two lists above to see if any interest you.

Step 3. Create a realistic and relaxing schedule. Choose some activities you can do in the morning, midday and evening. I recommend doing the “reset” stuff in the morning and taking the rest of the day to relax and unwind with “self care”.

Step 4. Write everything down in your journal or phone and start adding this Sunday to your week.

Make sure to start incorporating these Self Care Reset Sundays to your weekly routine. It will for sure help you out to stay consistent when it comes to reaching your ultimate glow up goals this year. Thank you for reading and see you on the next one. 🌸🌟 #Blossom2024 #GlowUpChallenge #DreamBig #BlossomwBlossly

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