The Blossom Challenge Day 10: Smart Girls Set Milestones And Reach Their Goals.


On day 3 of our Blossom journey we prioritized and ranked our big goals, breaking them down into sub goals. That gave us a clear understanding of what steps we can take towards our success. Today we will be setting daily, weekly and monthly milestones so we can create an efficient monthly routine that will help you along your transformation journey.


Milestones give as an opportunity to break down our biggest desires into smaller steps. You can kind of look at it like leveling up in a video game. Imagine you want to reach level 100 but you have no achievements or levels in between to tell you how far you have come or keep you motivated. Creating these kind of levels for our big goals will keep our journey fun, motivating and most importantly successful.


Step 1. MONTHLY. In your journal write down “Monthly Milestones” at the top. Take a look at your big goals and for each write down the monthly milestones. So if your big goal is “read 20 books” a good monthly milestone could be ” read 2 books monthly”. You can also take a look at the smaller sub goals of your big goal for some inspiration.

Step 2. WEEKLY. Now it’s time to create even smaller levels for ourselves by looking at our weekly milestones. Look at your monthly milestones and your sub goals and for each of those write down what your weekly milestones could be. So if you have a sub goal similar to “eat a healthy balanced diet” a good weekly milestone / goal could be “cook at home 5x a week”.

Step 3. DAILY. Now that you have your monthly and weekly milestones let’s take a look at what you can do each day to get closer to your big goals! For each big goal and their sub goals, start writing the daily habits you can do. For the “dream body” goal a daily habit could be incorporating a daily walk, or cutting out soda and substituting it for tea or water for example.

Keep in mind that daily habits are important but it shouldn’t be super strict! It’s good to have the daily habits as a guideline but it’s normal to skip a day or not stick to it. If you notice you haven’t been doing some daily habits just keep going and incorporate them into your daily routine from now on. Again don’t be too harsh on yourself and accept that life happens and we can’t do everything exactly as we plan it.

By now you will have a big list of your monthly milestones, weekly milestones and daily milestones. See how this gives you a clear overview of all your desires? It’s much easier and sustainable to tackle these smaller steps while on your journey!

Don’t forget to actually celebrate every milestone you reach no matter how small! Tomorrow we will be using these milestones to create an actual monthly routine that will help you stay focused on reaching your goals! Good job for today, I’m so proud of you! Take the rest of the day to visualize your greatest desires and what it would be like to actually reach your goals this year and bring that positivity tomorrow as we continue our 2024 Blossom Challenge. 🌸🌟 #Blossom2024 #GlowUpChallenge #DreamBig

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