The 30 Day Blossom Challenge: Day 9 Set Time Frames


With a fresh mind and motivated soul it’s time to give our amazing goals some realistic and achievable time frames. Setting time frames for your goals is so important as it gives you clarity on what needs to be done and most importantly when. Time frames take away the overwhelm and act like a roadmap, guiding you towards your goals! But be careful, there’s a fine line between not reaching our goals and crushing our goals when it comes to timelines. We have to make sure they are realistic, achievable and most importantly safe and empowering!


Trust me, I get it, right now your desire and motivation to change is so strong, and that’s amazing! However, the danger lies in overwhelming ourselves with an ambitious list of goals that have toxic unrealistic time frames. As women, we often set unrealistic expectations, fueled by the wish to transform into the most beautiful and confident version of ourselves. We have to be mindful of the journey we are on and make sure that we don’t start exhibiting any toxic behaviors.

To stay with the “dream body” goal example that we have used throughout the challenge. This goal is usually on the top of the list when it comes to setting new year goals. And most don’t even reach this goal because we ask too much of ourselves and try to overhaul our whole life in as little as 3 months. To make sure that we reach our goals and most importantly, that we stay safe, it’s better to break down our big goals in smaller steps so we can work towards our goals more sustainably. A better time frame for reaching our “dream body” goal would be 12 months.


When it comes to health and fitness goals it’s so so important to be mindful and loving to ourselves if we want to reach any of these goals. Please always keep in mind that working for your dream body doesn’t mean starving or overworking yourself. It’s actually important to start seeing food as fuel because eating enough calories and nutrients actually ensures that you will have the energy to do all the things that it takes to achieve your goals this year. We need fuel to workout, walk, think, dream and much more. Without food the body doesn’t have energy. And it’s a slippery slope to go down that path. Because you may think that it works, or that it is what you want but starving yourself doesn’t just make your body smaller, it takes away your mind, your happiness, your soul and basically everything that you hold dear. It’s important for me to tell you this, because I know most women think being thin will solve all their problems, but trust me, starving yourself will create infinite more problems than you have now. So always keep in mind to keep your goals realistic, attainable and safe.


Take a look at your big goals and think about when you want to achieve them. Be realistic and don’t overwhelm yourself by putting al your goals in the first three months. We have a whole year to reach our goals! So make use of it and spread them out.

Step 1. REFLECT. Take out your goals list in your journal, notes app or whatever you have used so far and start thinking about realistic time frames for your goals. For each big goal ask yourself what you want to accomplish by the end of 2024 or where you want to be on your journey towards that goal.

Step 2. WRITE IT DOWN. For each goal on your list set a realistic, achievable time frame and write it down. Remember today we will only be tackling the big goals, so skip the small sub goals! The time frames are just timelines, so you don’t have to set clear dates. Just write down when you want to achieve these goals. So for example, for the “dream body” goal a good time frame would be “12 months”. Or if you have a marathon in 10 months write down “10 months.”

BLOSSLY TIP: Be mindful of your schedule and commitments, both professional and personal. Ensure that the time frames of your goals align with your daily life. Set time frames that challenge you but are not overwhelming. Life is forever changing and your plans may need some adjusting. Give yourself enough fun time to enjoy yourself and live life spontaneously.

Today, make the commitment that you will do your absolute best to reach your most desired goals this year! Hold yourself accountable and strengthen your actions with your intentions, reinforcing the idea that your goals are not an option! They are a MUST. Most importantly be mindful of your health and happiness and take the rest of the day to tackle some toxic thoughts that may have come up during this process. It’s normal but it’s important to know we have these thoughts so we can work towards replacing them with more healthy, happy ones.

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