Your January Schedule for Your 2024 Glow Up | The 30 Day Blossom Challenge

Your January Glow Up Schedule

With the holidays approaching I want to keep today short and sweet! January is right around the corner and before we celebrate and let go, let’s take this opportunity to think about how we can kick start our goal crushing journey. The perfect way to be prepared is to start today with creating an empowering schedule for January.

Why this January Schedule Works

January is a fresh start and an opportunity for a glowing transformation. This month is the best time to set yourself up for the rest of the year and to start incorporating those healthy, happy habits into your routine. This schedule is based on exactly that. It is designed to work for success by incorporating those key elements that we have talked about throughout this Blossom Challenge journey. And it will contribute to your personal growth, your goals / success, and your overall well being.

A good schedule also helps you to keep an overview of your journey and create those little milestones we talked about on day 10:Smart Girls Set Milestones and Reach Their Goals. If we do this every month, it will make our goals less overwhelming and a lot easier to achieve.

Your January 2024 Glow Up Schedule

Below is an example of a 2024 glow up schedule! Included are all the things we have discussed so far on the challenge and an example on how you can incorporate them in your own schedule.

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As you navigate the days ahead, remember that the journey towards your glow up goals is a ongoing process. By working on your routines, schedules and healthy habits, you’re laying the foundation for your success and well-being. Tomorrow just before the Christmas celebrations we will be celebrating your progress so far and learn how to keep celebrating on your awesome journey. See you then!

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