The 30 Day Blossom Challenge: Day 5 & 6 Research Day


Today marks day 5 & 6 on your 2024 glow up journey. These days are combined as they take a little more time depending on how many goals you have. We want to keep the process easy, enjoyable and most importantly it shouldn’t feel like you have a homework deadline at 11:59 lol! Anyways today we’re diving headfirst into the world of research for our goals, a step that’s not just crucial but downright essential. Understanding how to reach our goals and identifying the specific steps needed is like unlocking the treasure map to success.


Even with our goals written down and visualized in our minds, it can be overwhelming to work towards them because most goals aren’t already part of our daily routine. For example, if your New Year’s goal is to have a daily stretching routine for improved posture but you have no idea what exercises genuinely enhance posture or where to find them, it’s a good idea to do a little research.

Research not only equips us with the tools needed to reach our goals, but perhaps even better, it empowers us to understand how to integrate these desires into our daily lives. In this case you’ll be armed with a set of stretches, a well planned out schedule, and the confidence that comes with it.

So in short:

  1. EFFICIENCY. Research allows you to identify the most effective tools, strategies and resources. This is vital in maximizing our efforts and minimizing wasted time, whether it’s due to not knowing where to begin or the risk of hurting our progress by doing things ineffectively.
  2. ADAPTABILITY. The world is always evolving, and research helps us keep up. Keeping up with trends and innovations can make reaching your goals easier.
  3. AVOIDING OVERWHELM. Researching specific objectives for each goal prevents them from becoming aimless desires and enhances our focus. This, in turn, makes our goals more achievable, as we gain a clear understanding of what it takes to accomplish them.


Step 1. GET YOUR TOOLS. When diving into research for your goals, make sure you have that huge inspiring list we crafted in the previous days right in front of you! Additionally, grab your phone or computer to easily access the internet as we step into our research era.

Step 2. IDENTIFY KEY AREAS. Break down your goals into searchable components. (For big goals you can look at the sub-goals you have already made for them!) Ask yourself: “To really make this goal happen, what information do I need to know?” For the dream body example consider areas like nutrition, exercise routines and potential professionals to consult. For academic goals identify subjects you need improve, what grades to get or what teachers to talk to. Write your goal > the sub-goals > what info you need to know. I recommend writing this down in a journal so everything is easily accessible.

Step 3. ONLINE SEARCH. Use search engines to find information related to your goals. This can be Google, Pinterest or even professionals on Youtube. Make sure the source or the person is reliable! For the information you wrote down in step 2 you will now do the actual research. So now for the academic goals example, you will actually log into your school portal and find out what grades you can improve, what classes you really can’t miss and what extra activities you want to do this year. If you have a skin care related goal research what moisturizers you want to buy or what skin care routines you want to incorporate. Write everything down again. When it comes to health advice or weight loss advise always seek out a professional to speak with.

Here is an example on how to do that:

You do not have to make actual workout routines or study guides yet, this is just to get all the info you need so we can have it on hand when we will make an actual action plan.

Step 4. CONNECT WITH PROFESSIONALS. If your goals involve professional guidance, research for local experts. You can look online for nutritionists, tutors or personal trainers. Find their contact information and note down how to get in touch with them.

Step 5. ORGANIZE AND TRACK. Organize all your findings in your journal or a notes app on your phone. You can also pin articles to your vision boards so you have your motivation, inspiration and information all together! Categorize your information with your goals so you have a clear overview. This will make it easy to revisit and stay on track.

By now you will have a journal filled with goals, how they align with your values and what information you actually need to reach those goals! In the upcoming days we will be reflecting on our journey so far and taking more action. This is where your desires and motivation actually come together into a blueprint for you to blossom into the most accomplished you in 2024!

Take these couple of days to do your research and write down everything you need for your goals. I understand that this may take more time depending on your schedule which is totally fine! When you are ready to continue just go to day 7 and continue from there! I wish you happy researching and can’t wait to take action together in the upcoming days ahead. 🌸🌟 #Blossom2024 #GlowUpChallenge #DreamBig #BlossomWBlossly

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