The 30 Day Blossom Challenge: Day 4 Creating A Vision Board

The 30 Day Blossom Challenge

Hey, queens! Welcome to day 4 of the 30 day Blossom Challenge. Today, we’re leveling up our game by giving our goals a visual makeover. We will be using the list we have created in the first couple of days to bring our goals into life in the most fun and inspiring way possible: Vision Boards!


  • Visual Power-Up: Ever heard the saying, “What you see is what you get”? Vision boards are the living embodiment of that! When your goals are in front of you every day, it’s like a daily pep talk for your your future self.
  • Feel-Good Feels: Pictures are powerful mood boosters. Surrounding yourself with images that make you smile and dream can make you so inspired to reach your goals that you actually start to believe in yourself.

Day 4: Creating A Vision Board

Step 1. CREATE BOARDS. Create multiple vision boards for every area of your life the goals are in. Having your boards categorized helps you stay organized and not feel so overwhelmed! So just use the categories you have placed your goals in like health and wellness, career, self love etc.

Step 2. DREAM DIVE. Start by diving deep into your dreams. Search Pinterest for images that scream “YOU” and really inspire you to reach your goals or that show what you desire. You can take a look at your goals and just time them in on Pinterest. A good tip is to write “aesthetic” behind your goals as these often show the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing images! So if your goal is “study more this year” you can write something like “study aesthetic” or “study motivation”.

Step 3. SAVE SAVE SAVE. Save all the images that inspire and motivate you to your boards. You can add quotes, inspiring words, videos.. whatever makes you feel so so inspired to reach your goals! There are no rules!

Step 4. CREATE. If you chose to make a physical or Shuffles vision board here are some tips. Arrange all your elements strategically. I recommend putting your big goals front and center and surrounding them with smaller sub goals and steps you’ll be taking. Use colors that inspire you and quotes that make you feel motivated.

When you are done you will have a big collection of visual motivation for all your goals! I think a Pinterest board is already an amazing way to feel inspired to reach all your goals. But if you want to take it a step further, you can even put all the images from your different boards into a wallpaper so you can put it as your lock screen or just so you have a more clear overview. For this I recommend the Pinterest App “Shuffles” or a program like Photoshop as it’s both super easy to use!

Step 5. DAILY MOTIVATION. Now that you have your awesome vision board place it somewhere where you will be able to look at it everyday! So if you have a physical one put it on the wall behind your desk so you can look at it when you’re studying or maybe the bathroom mirror to remind you everyday while you do your skincare routine. You can even have multiple different vision boards for different places in your house. If you have an online vision board on Pinterest just take some time everyday to look at it, organize it or add new inspiring images you find! And if you made one in Shuffles or Photoshop you can put it as a wallpaper on your phone or iPad!


  • Mix It Up: Mix up images, colors, and textures to keep things exciting. Your board should be as diverse and dynamic as you are!
  • Dream Big, Cut Small: Go crazy with your big dreams, but also include the small wins. Sometimes, those tiny victories are the stepping stones to the big, flashy ones.
  • Positive Vibes Only: Your vision board is a positivity party. Keep it optimistic, and let the good vibes flow. It’s your personal happy place on a board!
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is your vision board BFF. Create a board and pin away! It’s like having your goals in your pocket, ready to boost your motivation whenever you need it.

Today take the time to dream big and dive deep into Pinterest to find the most inspiring and motivating images for your vision board! There are no rules just add what feels good and makes you happy. If you are struggling take a look at my Pinterest for helpful quotes and inspiration. Good luck and have fun and remember to celebrate that you have made it to day 4 of this challenge. See you on day 5! 🌸🌟 #Blossom2024 #GlowUpChallenge #DreamBig #BlossomwBlossly

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