24 Things To Do To Glow Up In 2024 (part 1) | Day 28 | The Blossom Challenge

With the Blossom Challenge coming to an end let’s recap on all the things you can do to be sure of your 2024 glow up success. The new year will be all about working towards our goals and transforming into the person we really are on the inside.

The Blossom Challenge

Only three days left on our challenge! Isn’t it amazing how far you have come? Take a moment and realize that you have been working on your 2024 transformation for 28 days already. I’m sure your year is going to be one of your best years yet! We have done so many things this month that it’s easy to loose track of all them. To give you a quick overview I’ve made a huge list of 24 things you can do for your 2024 glow up! The list will include most of what we have discussed so far on the challenge and a few new things. I will be putting them into two parts to not overwhelm you with so much information.

24 Things You Can Do For A 2024 Glow Up Part 1.

1. Make a huge goal list

Dream big and make a huge list of al your goals for the new year. This will help you to get things out of your head and help you turn your dreams into concrete plans. To learn more take a look at day 1 of The Blossom Challenge.

2. Always make yourself look put together

I know how easy it is to not care about the way you look. But it’s so important to take care of yourself each day! Personally for me, there is a huge difference in my mood depending on what I wear and how I look. Do you skin care routine. Wear your favorite clothes. Wear your favorite perfume. (I know you want to save it for a special occasion but everyday is special!) You deserve to look and feel your best everyday! It’s a form a self love and self care.

3. Have a skin care routine

Depending on your own needs and skin concerns, create a skin care routine. Start with a simple routine like double cleansing (in the evening), toner, a hydrating serum, a neutral moisturizer an of course a natural sunscreen! Skin care doesn’t have to be expensive and more importantly doesn’t have to contain a million (active) ingredients. Start simple, stick to it daily (morning and night) and build from there!

4. Make a list of your values

Finding your values is especially valuable if you want to glow up this year. Getting to know yourself through through your values will help you to make better decisions daily. Rank your values from most important to least and remind yourself of them regularly. One of my own top values in life is freedom, knowing this helps me to easier say no to thing I don’t want to do or easily say yes to things that will give me more freedom! As a bonus you can even link your values to your goals to make sure they are aligned! To learn more take a look at day 2 of The Blossom Challenge.

5. Prioritize and break down your goals

Big goals are easy to make but harder to achieve if we don’t break them down into smaller steps! Not only will this help you not get overwhelmed but it will also make sure that you are working towards your goals with purpose. Besides breaking them down, another thing that is helpful on your journey is prioritizing / ranking your goals. This will give you an overview of the goals that you should work towards most and which ones you should tackle first! To learn more look at day 3 of The Blossom Challenge.

6. Make a visionboard

Making a vision board for the new year will give your journey a visual make over. When your goals are in front of you everyday, it’s like a daily pep talk for your future self. Feel inspired by your visionboard to take action, believe in yourself and work towards your goals daily. To learn more look at day 4 of The Blossom Challenge.

7. Identify your obstacles and how to overcome them

On your glow up journey it’s important to acknowledge the obstacles that may pop up and what we can do to get through them easier. If we know what may come at us, we are better equipped to deal with them. Taking away the stress and helping us to keep moving forward. To learn more look at day 8 of The Blossom Challenge.

8. Find your aesthetic

Finding your aesthetic will help you discover yourself and gain confidence. It will make sure you show up as your authentic self. Being your authentic self is one of the biggest ways to glow up this year. Because ultimately, it’s being yourself and living your life the way you want to, that makes us the happiest. Don’t be afraid to mix up aesthetics, you don’t have to look the same or dress the same each day. A little pink Pilates princess on some days and a little range rover mom on other days sounds amazing.

9. Cook healthy meals at home

Besides helping you save some money, cooking at home will improve your cooking skills and also puts you in control of the ingredients. This way you can choose healthier, wholesome options that are good for your mind, body and soul. Start looking at food as fuel. The more healthy nourishing fuel you put in your body the more energy and happiness comes out. Never restrict yourself or skip meals.

10. Create a weekly routine

An empowering weekly routine will help you stay consistent because small daily wins add up. Doing the same things each day will help you build those healthy, happy habits that will make sure you glow up this year. It doesn’t have to be big, small things like wearing sunscreen daily will add up and make a big impact over 365 days. To learn more look at day 11 of The Blossom Challenge.

11. Have a morning routine

An empowering morning routine is your ultimate 2024 glow up cheat code! Mornings have the power to set the tone for the entire day. Starting your day positive and empowering, will not only improve your mental health and physical health but also help you to build those habits that help you reach those 2024 glow up goals. To learn more look at day 14 of The Blossom Challenge

13. Have an evening routine

Just like a good morning routine sets a positive tone for the day, an evening routine ends your day on a positive note. It’s a ritual of self care and self love that helps you unwind and relax your mind for a good nights sleep. So that you’re ready to take on the following day.

Congrats! You’re almost all the way through The Blossom Challenge. On day 29 we will be looking through the rest of the 24 things you can do for your glow up. For now celebrate how far you have come and bask in your newly found motivation. See you on the next one! 🌸🌟 #Blossom2024 #GlowUpChallenge #DreamBig

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