20 Ins and Outs For Your 2024 Glow Up | Day 27 | The Blossom Challenge

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to think about how our 2024 journey will go. Let’s take a look ahead and make sure our year will not only be successful but transformative as well! To make it clear to ourselves what we will and won’t be doing this year, let’s make a list of our ins and outs. So we can dive into 2024 with confidence and determination, ready to work for our glow up.

Making The Most Of The Year

The key to your 2024 glow up success lies in clarity. Clarity regarding your goals, desires, and what actions you should, or more importantly, should not take this year! By getting clear what we need to let go of and what we must include in our lives, it’s easier to make the right decisions daily no matter how small they are. Because most of the time, it’s these tiny decisions that can make or break our journey.

How To Find Your Ins and Outs Of 2024

We will work on our 2024 glow up blue print by identifying our “ins” and “outs” of the year.

“ins”: the positive healthy habits and mindsets that we can incorporate into our lives.

“outs”: the habits and mindsets we need to let go of this year.

To identify your own, follow this three-step process.

Step 1: Reflect on Your Current Life

Begin with some self-reflection. Take a look at your life, what aspects of your life bring you happiness, fulfillment and growth? Also think about the aspects of your life that you are not so happy with. Ask yourself these questions: What habits uplift me? What drains my energy? What habits make me feel “stuck”?

Step 2: Look at Your Role Models

Take a look at your role models. Are there any people you look up to? Or are there people who live the life you want? What kind of habits do they have? Which of these habits can you add into your life? And what would they never ever do? Maybe it’s time to let go of these habits too! For example if your role model is “Blair Waldorf” identify why you admire her so much. Is it her style? The way she always looks put together no matter the occasion? Or that she isn’t scared to speak up for herself?

Make sure to do this step with an open mind. We never know what people’s lives are like behind doors! But having an example is a good way to identify what you value.

Step 3: Make a List

Now that you have brain stormed, make a list! Write down 10 habits you will let go of this year and 10 habits you will include. This can be anything from habits, mindsets, and actions. I would recommend to take 1 “in” and 1 “out” each month, and start incorporating them in your daily life. Don’t overwhelm yourself! Low and slow is key!

See the example below for some inspiration.

By following this three-step process, you not only gain clarity on your personal ins and outs but also establish a roadmap for a transformative 2024! Good luck and good job! See you tomorrow. 🌸🌟 #Blossom2024 #GlowUpChallenge #DreamBig #BlossomwBlossly

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