The 30 Day Blossom Challenge: Day 11 Hot Girls Create Weekly Routines

The 30 Day Blossom Challenge

Hi, babes! Today we’re focusing on creating an empowering weekly routine that actually WORKS. A well thought out weekly routine will help you stay consistent because small daily wins add up, and trust me, that’s exactly what you need for your 2024 glow up journey to succeed this time.

Why Weekly Routines Work

An empowering weekly routine is like your glow up journey BFF. Firstly, it helps you create new healthy, happy habits by reminding you of exactly what you need to do each day of the week to stay on track. It’s like a guiding light, making sure we don’t drift off trough the week but actually own our week like the confident and determined girls we are.

On day 10 we set all those milestones to get a big overview of what exactly needs to be done. Incorporating those milestones into our routines will create a visual reminder of what’s important. And it’s hard to not feel pumped up and ready to go when the path towards your goals is right there in front of you in your weekly plan!

Ultimately, it’s all about repetition. Doing the same actions consistently turns them into a second nature. Your routine will become the trigger that makes you think, “Ah, it’s workout time!”. So by sticking to your routine week after week, those daily habits become a natural part of who you are. And those daily habits, in turn, will make sure you actually succeed this time and reach all your goals!

Creating Your Weekly Routine

Step 1. Take Out Your Glow Up Journal. First take out your notes from the previous days, like your goals and milestones. We will be using those to make a realistic empowering routine!

Step 2. Schedule. Start with the first month of the new year. Write the days of the week in your journal and start adding what you will do on these days in January to help reach your goals this year. This will be things like going on the gym on Wednesday and Saturday, meal prepping on Monday and having a self care day on Sunday.

I recommend not adding too much of things that are apart of your daily routine like doing your skin care, brushing teeth, going to school and similar things. We will be adding those to other routines in the upcoming days!

Step 3. Fine Tune. Now that you have added all the recurring steps in your weekly routine start fine tuning your schedule by looking at the first week of the year. Do you have any appointments or important milestones to add for this week? Make sure to add those.

Step 4. Review. Is your weekly schedule realistic? Avoid cramming everything together in a rush to check off habits quickly. Be mindful of your daily life and commitments. Also schedule “fun time” like spending time with friends, visiting family and having self care days. It’s easy to forget about fun activities because we are so caught up in our goals. Scheduling them makes sure we don’t forget to enjoy our days and live in the moment!

Below is an example of a weekly routine:

Step 4. Visualize. Now you will have a clear and concise weekly routine containing all those healthy and happy habits that will lead you to your 2024 goal success. Make sure to make it visually appealing (if that is important to you) so you are more likely to look at it. And also don’t forget to put your schedule in a easy to spot place to keep reminding and motivating you!

How To Actually Stick To Your Weekly Routine

Okay, now how do we make sure our routines are not just a piece of paper gathering dust? Or a note in our phone buried beneath some pixels? Sticking to your routine is where the real magic happens. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track of crushing your goals.

  1. Be Realistic. Let’s keep things real. Make sure your routine is doable and aligns with your lifestyle and values. Setting unrealistic expectations is a one way ticket to overwhelm and frustration. Always be kind to your self and remember that small steps towards your goal are better than no steps at all!
  2. Make It A Lifestyle. Your weekly routine shouldn’t feel like a burden. Include things in your routine that you actually enjoy and start enjoying the process of working towards your goals too. So instead of your routine being a checklist, make it a part of your lifestyle.
  3. Celebrate Small Wins: Celebrate your success, no matter how small! Completing a task, finishing a workout, or actually going to the gym – each accomplishment is a win in our book. By doing this you create a cycle of motivation, making it more likely you’ll stick to your routine.
  4. Visual Reminders: Keep your routine visible (!!) Print it out and hang it on your mirror. Have a daily routine app that gives you notifications. Whatever works for you to have some visual cues to reinforce your commitment.

Creating an empowering weekly routine is a journey within itself. It’s all about building habits and creating a lifestyle that aligns with your goals, all while enjoying the process in the meantime. You did amazing today! Tomorrow we will be taking a step back, fine tuning our progress so far and reflect on the past couple of days. See you then! 🌸🌟 #Blossom2024 #GlowUpChallenge #DreamBig #BlossomwBlossly

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