The 30 Day Blossom Challenge: Day 12 + 13 Review + Reflect + Adjust


As we find ourselves on the twelfth day of our quest, it’s the perfect time to pause, reflect, and make the necessary adjustments for the second time! We will be looking at what we have done so far and make sure we didn’t miss any things. Let’s also take a moment to celebrate! Because let’s face it, for almost two weeks already you’ve been making amazing progress towards your goals!


Take a step back and look at everything you have done on the Blossom Challenge. Here is everything we have done so far:

  1. On day 1 we wrote down all our goals and desires for the new year.
  2. On day 2 we made sure these goals were in alignment with our core values.
  3. On day 3 we ranked our goals, broke them down into manageable steps, and categorized them.
  4. On day 4 we made a vision board to visualize our goals.
  5. On day 5/6 we did a lot of research for our goals to make sure we know what it takes to achieve them.
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  7. On day 7 we reviewed, reflected on and adjusted our goals.
  8. On day 8 we identified what obstacles we could face on our journey.
  9. On day 9 we set time frames for our goals.
  10. On day 10 we set milestones for our goals.
  11. On day 11 we successfully created an empowering weekly routine.


Now let’s think about how much progress we have made towards our goals so far! Are there any days you may have missed? Or any things that need to be adjusted? Make sure that you haven’t missed any steps towards your goals and if you did do all the necessary things on these two review days.

Here are a few other questions you can ask yourself to make sure you are caught up.

  • Have I successfully identified the main obstacles that I could struggle with when it comes to reaching my goals?
  • Do I have enough confidence and tools that I can tackle those obstacles? And if not what can I do?
  • Have I set time frames for all my goals? Are they realistic? Are they not overwhelming?
  • Have I set all my monthly, weekly and daily milestones? Are they realistic? Did I miss any steps during this process?
  • Have I made a empowering weekly routine? Is my routine achievable and not overwhelming? What can I change to make sure my routine is actually attainable?

Asking yourself some of these questions will help you get clarity. Maybe you were a little too passionate and looking back you need to set longer time frames for goals. Or maybe they can be done quicker. Look back at all the days you have completed so far and make sure you feel good about your progress.


Now that you have reviewed and reflected on your progress it’s time to make some adjustments. Take some action and make the changes or adjustments needed. Get the list you made in step 2 reflect and do all the things that need to be done. The key is to be flexible and open to changing our plan as we learn more about ourselves and our glow up journey. We want to make sure that you have carefully gone through each day and finished all the steps and assignments. Making sure you’ve gone through the entire process so far. This will help you gain clarity, inspiration and some new found motivation!

Make sure to take these two days to review, reflect and adjust accordingly. Doing so will only improve your chances of you actually sticking to your greatest desires and reaching your goals this year. Good luck and happy thinking, you got this! 🌸🌟 #Blossom2024 #GlowUpChallenge #DreamBig

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