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Welcome to week 3 of the Blossom Challenge! This week is all about creating routines. Today specifically, your morning routine – the ultimate cheat code for your 2024 glow up! Mornings have the power to set the tone for the entire day. By having a healthy and empowering morning routine, you not only improve your mental and physical health but also build those habits that help you reach your 2024 glow up goals.


What Is A Morning Routine?

A morning routine is a daily blend of activities that help you set a positive tone for the day and align with your personal goals. It usually consists of some healthy, empowering habits to start your day like meditation, doing your skin care and eating a nutritious breakfast. The key to a good morning routine is to create one that is based on your unique self, so that it’s a daily celebration of your journey towards becoming the best version of you! It’s also important to not see a morning routine as a rigid schedule with rules but rather a daily ritual that helps you stay on track towards your glow up goals.


A morning routine helps you set the tone for the rest of the day. When you start each day with the same set of empowering and motivating rituals, once they become a habit, reaching your goals will be easy peasy!

A morning routine:

  • Boosts Your Productivity by starting your day with a clear plan
  • Creates Positive Habits by having a consistent morning routine that contributes to long-term personal growth
  • Reduces Stress by starting your day with mindful, relaxing habits like meditation, outside walks and doing your skin care routine
  • Betters Time Management because of the structure of a morning routine
  • Improves Mood by having positive morning rituals
  • Gives Mental Clarity by doing a similar routine daily and starting your day with morning rituals like meditation and journaling
  • Increases Self Discipline by consistently sticking to your morning routine


Now, let’s create your empowering morning routine! Remember that building a morning routine is NOT about squeezing in as much as you can before sunrise. It’s about creating a routine that supports your goals, lifestyle and your unique self. Keep your morning routine real and empowering. Whether it’s 5 minutes of meditation or a daily morning walk, make it something you genuinely look forward to.

Building Your Morning Routine

Step 1. With your goals and weekly routine in mind, think about what morning habits align with them. Will a daily walk help you reach your goal? Or maybe a 20 minute morning study session? Write down all the morning habits that you can do to get closer to reaching your 2024 glow up goals.

If you have no idea, take your pick from the image below:

Step 2. Pick out 2 to 3 daily habits that you will add to your morning routine for the first couple of weeks of your journey. We don’t want to overwhelm ourselves so let’s be realistic! A good start could be:

  • Morning stretches
  • Journaling
  • Skin care routine

Step 3. Make a list of all the things that you need to get done in the morning. Include basic things like “eating breakfast, brushing your teeth / hygiene routine etc”. Now add in your newly picked habits, rank everything by time and voila! Your new morning routine is born.

Step 4. Make sure your routine is personal to you and your daily life. If you are really not a morning person, take things slow and choose activities that cater to that. Also, stay flexible, this is a new routine and maybe it doesn’t work as well as it sounds. Be open to changing and adjusting routine to make sure it’s actually helping you reach your goals.


Here are some tips to make your morning routine even more empowering and productive.

  • Experiment with daily habits! Be open to trying daily habits like yoga or meditation. Maybe your first thought is “booooring” but you never know you might actually love it!
  • Add more daily habits once you are used to your routine. We take things so slow to make sure we actually stick to our habits this time!
  • Celebrate small wins! Even waking up early once a week is an achievement for most of us, so be proud of that.
  • Be consistent. Try to do your routine at the same time everyday and doing the same things each morning! This builds habits and reinforces the positive impact of your morning activities.

Now that you know how to make your very own glow up morning routine, remember that the consistent habits you do each morning will pave the way for success. Good luck, and see you tomorrow as we continue on our glow up journey by making an evening routine. 🌸🌟 #Blossom2024 #GlowUpChallenge #DreamBig #BlossomwBlossly

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