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Welcome to part 2 of 24 things you can do to glow up in 2024. Yesterday we have talked about the first 12 things, let’s today, see what else you can do to look and feel your best in 2024. This post is another recap of everything we have done so far on The Blossom Challenge and some new tips.

24 Things You Can Do For A 2024 Glow Up Part 2.

13. Have a weekly goal check in

Weekly goal check-ins are our designated time to cheer for our wins, tackle the challenges and change our game plan for even more success! It’s is a designated day where you can step back and remind yourself of why you started this journey in the first place. To learn more take a look at day 19 of The Blossom Challenge.

14. Have a Sunday self care routine

Having a self-care reset Sunday is essential when it comes to staying consistent towards your goals! Not only do these days help you de-stress and relax, they also make sure that you are ready for the upcoming week ahead. To learn more take a look at day 16 of The Blossom Challenge.

15. Weekly grocery meal prep

Meal prepping is amazing for your glow up! Whatever your (fitness) goals are, food always plays a massive part. To make sure you can stick to your health goals throughout the week, a meal prep day makes it super easy for you to eat a healthy and balanced diet daily. You can pre-cut all your veggies and fruits, organize and clean your fridge or even cook some meals ahead and freeze them for the week ahead.

16. De clutter your digital space

In today’s world we find ourselves in an online world every hour of every day. Especially social media provides us a wide range of opportunities and information, but also a potential distraction from our goals. To de clutter your digital space it’s important to first do some cleaning and get rid of the non motivating, mind cluttering stuff. Getting rid of these things will help direct your mind onto what truly matters to you and keep you more motivated on your journey. To learn more look at day 17 of The Blossom Challenge.

17. De clutter your physical space

While a digital space can already cause our minds to get anxious, this is even more so for your physical space! At least we can turn our phones off (or at least try to!). But for our physical space in which we live each day it isn’t so easy. You know what they say: A clear home is a clear mind! And personally I think this couldn’t be more accurate. A clear space creates more space in your mind for you to focus on your goals and helps you to be more productive. To learn more look at day 18 of The Blossom Challenge. To learn more look at day 18 of The Blossom Challenge.

18. Go outside daily

Going outside daily is a powerful way to glow up this year. Exposure to natural sunlight helps you to regulate your circadian rhythm, improving your sleep and mental health. These will not only help you feel better but look better as well. Secondly, spending time in the fresh air is a great way to boost your health and mood, so you are ready to crush your 2024 goals!

19. Create a monthly schedule

Maintaining a monthly schedule provides more structured overview of your life, helping you stay organized. Organization translates into better productivity, allowing you to make the most of your time and efforts. It’s also beneficial to have a monthly schedule because you can break down those big goals for 2024 and work towards them more efficiently each month. To learn more look at day 23 of The Blossom Challenge.

20. Create a workout routine

Having a workout routine will help you reach your fitness goals and keep you healthy. It’s overwhelming to have to think about your workout each day. Will you work on your abs? cardio? To take away the overwhelm, have a set workout routine that you will follow. You can work with a professional if you have more drastic fitness goals. I also recommend fitness apps like the Nike Training Club app, it’s free and there are a ton of workouts and schedules you can follow!

21. Celebrate your achievements

Achieving your glow up goals takes resilience and dedication. While on this journey, it’s important to pause and see how far we have come by celebrating our achievements, no matter how small! Recognizing and honoring our achievements is not just about making ourselves feel good, it also build confidence, boosts motivation and strengthens your mindset. To learn more look at day 24 of The Blossom Challenge.

22. Write your 2024 ins and outs

What are some habits you want to follow this year? And what habits aren’t helpful for us? By getting clear what we need to let go of and what we must include in our lives, it’s easier to make the right decisions daily no matter how small they are. Because most of the time, it’s these tiny decisions that can make or break our journey. To learn more look at day 27 of The Blossom Challenge.

23. Get out of your comfort zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone in 2024 is crucial for your glow up success. It opens doors to new opportunities and boosts your confidence. Because what we once thought was impossible is suddenly not so much of a big deal! Go to that party, meet up with your friends, start that YouTube channel. Whatever it is that you have put on the back burner for whatever reason, go for it in the new year! I promise you you will grow into a happier, stronger person.

24. Have a positive mindset

One of the most helpful things in not only glowing up but in life in general is having a positive mindset. Looking at things more positively will help you navigate challenges more easily, improve your mental health, increase your productivity and strengthen your relationships. Start seeing the good side of things. Being so negative and fearful all the time will only double the amount of worry you experience unnecessarily.

I hope this overview of all the things you can do to glow up in 2024 was helpful for you. Use it as inspiration and motivation to get ready to work towards your goals in the new year. Don’t forget to prepare for January by creating your routines and settings your monthly goals.

See you on our final day tomorrow!

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