Your ultimate 2024 glow up preparation | Day 30 | The Blossom Challenge

Congratulations, queens! Today marks the big final of our 30 day glow up journey. For 30 days straight you have been working towards preparing for your 2024 glow up goals! Today is all about celebrating how far we have come and reflecting on our incredible journey. Day 30 isn’t just the end, it’s the beginning of your year of blossoming into the most confident and happy you.

Your Ultimate 2024 glow up preparation

Take a moment to think about the journey you have been on so far. We started this journey with finding our goals and continued to work hard to make sure our goals will succeed this year. Everyday was a new opportunity to overcome our challenges and stay motivated. My hope is that this has built some resilience in you. Whether you skipped a few days or not, making it this far is a huge achievement that should be celebrated.

Acknowledge the dedication and hard work that brought you to this moment! How great does it feel to actually be prepared for the new year? Harness the momentum and positive energy that you have hopefully generated on The Blossom Challenge and use it to make 2024 you best year yet!

Here’s how you can use everything you’ve learned so far to have an unforgettable 2024:

Weekly Goal Check-In

On day 19: The Art of Regular Check-Ins we discussed how having a dedicated weekly goal Check-In is the ultimate secret to staying consistent when it comes to your 2024 glow up. Having a specific day for your goal Check-In ensures that it becomes a regular part of your routine. On this day we can see how far we have come, what things we need to change and what we will be working towards the week ahead when it comes to our goals. This reinforces your commitment and motivates you through the weeks.

Build sustainable healthy, happy habits

Throughout the challenge we have talked about those healthy, happy habits and how they help you achieve your biggest desires this year. As well as letting go of the habits that no longer serve you. This year really focus on your habits and how they help or hinder you. The small things we do each day add up overtime! And whether they are positive or negative has a big influence on your glow up success.

Document your journey

Whether it’s on TikTok, a personal video diary or your secret journal, documenting your journey is a great way to stay consistent and motivated on your glow up journey this year. I know how hard it is to stay consistent when it comes to documenting, but it’s so beneficial to your journey. Actually seeing the milestones we hit and how far we have come serves as a powerful reminder of your capabilities. Inspiring you daily and building up your confidence.

Embrace a Positive Mindset

A positive mindset is one of the most powerful tools you can have this year. It will help you overcome those obstacles that are for sure coming your way on your glow up journey. Life is unpredictable and challenges are inevitable. A positive mindset will act as a shield, helping you to bounce back from setbacks and face life with resilience. Not only that but numerous studies have shown that a positive mindset is linked to better overall health. Positive thinking has been linked to reduced stress levels, better immune function and a lower risk of develops mental health issues. So not only does positivity build resilience, it also contributes to a healthier and happier life.

As we finish this final day of our Blossom Challenge I hope you revisit these posts often. Helping them to inspire and motivate you to have your best year yet. I’m so so proud of how far you have come and your dedication on this journey. Take tomorrow to celebrate the old year and get excited for the new year ahead, so you can blossom into the most confident and happy version of you so far! Thank you so much for joining the challenge! Don’t forget to follow my Pinterest to stay updated on new challenges and motivational content and posts! <3

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