Your February Schedule For a 2024 Glow Up

Your February Glow Up Schedule

With January halfway through, now is the time to start working on your February glow up schedule! For most of us the first month of the year is super busy and we all have to easy into our daily lives again. Our goals are often paused but we often forget to restart them again, oops! To help you out, each month I will be giving you an example of a monthly glow up plan. These plans are simple to follow and easy to adjust to your own liking.

In this blog post I will show you an example of a February glow up schedule.

Why this February Schedule Works

February is the second month of the year. If January was a bit too busy for you, now is the perfect time to “start over” and work towards your 2024 goals. With valentines day as one of the key days this month, see this month as a self love and self care retreat. Loving and caring for yourself will help you to appreciate yourself and actually have respect for yourself. Which is so important if you want to reach all those glow up goals. Self respect will teach you to actually keep your promises and do the things that will get you ahead in life.

This months schedule example is focused on self care and taking care of your body and mind. You can obviously add more things to do on each different day if you have the time. I made two days of the week available for a Pilates and running workout. If you don’t have your own workout schedule yet, this is the perfect way to ease into it! Make sure not to go to hard, low and slow is key!

Use this example to make and fine tune your own schedule! Doing this every month will make sure you are on top of your goals and working towards your 2024 glow up.

Your February 2024 Glow Up Schedule

Below is an example of a 2024 glow up schedule! Keep in mind that this schedule serves as an example! On the left is a vertical schedule with the days of the week and on the right is a horizontal schedule with just the dates! <3

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Go and crush your goals this month! I believe in you. Remember that consistency is the most important thing. Even if you have been slacking for the first weeks of the year, don’t worry. You can just restart and begin your journey all over again by using this schedule. <3

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