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February marks the midpoint of the academic year, offering the perfect opportunity for a mid-year academic glow up. Whether you want better grades, better study habits or you just want to get through the school year easily, this mini guide will help you to succeed. In this mini guide I will show you some clear tips that you can follow to make sure that the rest of the school year will be your best one yet.

Make this new month all about refocusing on your goals and creating a new academic glow up schedule. The tips in this post will help you stick to your routine and make sure you actually succeed this year with jaw dropping grades!


Below are 12 strategies and habits you can do to succeed in your academic journey.

HABIT 1: Set Clear Goals.

Start February with, specifically, writing down your goals for this month. These goals will be your compass throughout the month. Make sure you have your goal list somewhere where you will be reminded of your goals often. Maybe add your goals to a vision board and set that vision board as your phone lock screen!

HABIT 2: Create A Realistic Schedule

Create a realistic schedule that fits your daily routine. I know you want to study all day, everday, but it’s important to be smart and not overwhelm yourself. Your brain needs some rest too! Balance your academic goals with enough sleep, regular exercise, and self care time.

HABIT 3: Create A Cozy Study Space

Make sure you have a dedicated cozy study space. Your environment should be inspiring, calming and motivating. De clutter your desk and optimize your study area so you can focus better on studying. It’s also a good idea to study at the same place(s) regularly. So sit in the same spot in the library or always study at your desk. This will help your body get used to getting into that study mode.

HABIT 4: Attend All Your Classes

Make attending all classes non-negotiable. The best way to get in all the information you need is to actually show up to class. And if you pay attention and take notes, you have already done some of the work towards a good grade!

HABIT 5: Get Cute Stationary For Motivation

Now, obviously this step isn’t essential. But going shopping for some cute stationary can definitely help you to get some new found motivation. Choosing cute stationary that you like and reflect your aesthetic can help transform your study space. Your favorite colors, designs and personalized touches make your study space more inviting and motivating.

HABIT 6: Create A February Academic Visionboard

When you create a visionboard, you are visualizing your academic goals. It will give you a clear image of what success looks like for you. This will remind you and motivate you to keep working towards your academic glow up. This consistency will help you to actually stick to your plan and and put your efforts into studying.

HABIT 7: Prioritize Self-Care

Academic goals often come with a lot of stress and deadlines. So don’t forget to include regular self-care breaks into your weekly schedule. It’s so important to maintain a regular sleep schedule, take regular walks in fresh air and have some pamper time. Taking good care of yourself will help your energy levels and also your brain, so you are refreshed for another study session!

HABIT 8: Reflect And Adjust

Reflect on your past academic challenges, identify what and why it happens, and adjust your study strategies. Learn from your mistakes and use them as an opportunity to grow. Never feel bad for making a mistake. They are a normal part of growing. Just make sure you understand why it happened so you can learn from it, and be better the next time. Don’t forget to identify your strengths either, what are you doing well? Keep doing it, because it’s working!

HABIT 9: Celebrate Your Milestones

This February take time to celebrate how fare you have come this school year. What were your biggest achievements so far? Whether it’s mastering a difficult task, completing your assignments or consistently attending all your classes, recognize your progress and how far you have come so far. It’s important to celebrate every tiny milestones because this will motivate you and help maintain your consistency in your academic glow up journey.

HABIT 10: Find Additional Resources

Take advantage of additional resources such as online tutorials, YouTube videos, academic forums or study groups. By doing this you are getting some different and new perspectives. Everyone approaches concepts in unique ways, these new insights can help you to understand topics better and also remember them more easily. By doing this you often also find some new and supplementary materials such as practice quizzes and other information that could help you study smarter.

HABIT 11: Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is one of the best things you can do for your academic glow up. It will improve your concentration, reduce your stress, improve your cognitive skill and help you to better regulate your emotions. By doing this you make way for your brain to focus on your studies instead of worrying or overthinking. Some things you can do are focusing on your breathing, meditation, taking a walk while being aware of your surroundings, visualizing calm scenes.. and many more! By doing these techniques you will improve your overal well-being supporting both your happiness and academic success.

HABIT 12: Growth Mindset

The last thing you should do this month is embrace a “growth mindset”. This mindset is super helpful when it comes to your academic glow up because it is the belief that you can develop intelligence and skills through effort and consistency. With a “growth mindset” you start to see challenges as opportunities for growth and build resilience so you maintain a positive outlook and can stay focused on your long-term academic goals.

By incorporating some or even all of these habits into your academic routines this month, you will make sure you are on a good path towards your academic glow up. Now remember, study smart not only hard! It’s better to take good care of yourself and your mind, so you can stick to your study routine consistently. Good luck and happy glowing up!

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