Let’s Refocus on Our Glow Up Goals | Weekly Goal Check-In Week 1

Can you believe we are almost two months into the new year? Are you still focused on those goals you set for yourself? Personally for me, I must admit that life got a little busy and I have been losing track a little bit. To make sure I keep making progress I will be writing about my weekly goal check-ins! What a great way to keep myself accountable no? Every week I will show you how I stay on track with my goals and how I reflect on my progress so far. You can grab your journal, phone or whatever you like to use and write along!

In this post we will be going through our first weekly goal check in. I will explain what a weekly goal check in is, why it’s a must if you want to reach your goals and how to actually have a successful check in yourself!

How to stay on track: the weekly goal check-in

So what exactly is a weekly goal check-in? Imagine it as a cozy chat over a cup of hot tea, wrapped in your softest blanket. It’s like having a loving chat with yourself where you reflect on your week and make new plans for the next one.

Each week, you take a moment to write down your thoughts about how things went. You celebrate all the things you achieved, no matter how big or small. You also think about any challenges you faced so you can figure out how to get through them easily. We talked about this before on day 8: Identify Obstacles of the Blossom Challenge! I like to do my weekly goal check-ins at the end of my week on Sunday so I can easily set new goals for the week ahead, making it a end of the week goal check-in.

Then after reflecting, you can start setting some new goals for the upcoming week. Maybe it’s starting that workout class or finishing a book this week! Don’t make it too complicated! Just keep the goal list you made on day 1 of the blossom challenge in mind and see your weekly goals as a little bucket list for the next week!

To make sure your weekly goal check-ins are successful keep a few things in mind: be consistent, stay honest to yourself, set clear goals, stay positive and keep every promise you make to yourself and actually follow through!

WEEKLY GOAL CHECK-IN 1: 12 February – 18 February

Now it’s time for the actual goal check-in! Join me as I reflect on the past week, set new intentions and make new goals for the week ahead.


Reflection questions for this week:

  1. What core memory did I make this week?
  2. Am I on the right path in my glow up journey?
  3. What was the main thing on my mind this week?

What core memory did I make this week?

My boyfriend and I go on a walk after dinner most nights. But this particular night the sky was so clear and free of light pollution. I could actually see so many stars! It was insane and I was in awe the whole walk. You could actually see some star constellations very clearly! Which I had never seen before.. at least not for many years. It was so amazing, it actually made me feel so weird because usually you don’t really think about how you’re living in space but this just made life feel so special.

Am I on the right path in my glow up journey?

This week made me reflect a lot about what “glowing up” means. We all know that feeling and looking your best is on everyone’s goal list but I do feel like this could get toxic easily. I see a lot of (especially young) people focusing on looks and weight so much online. It made me sad and almost want to not talk about “glowing up” anymore. But then I thought about how glowing up is actually a good thing if you look at it from an “inside out” perspective. It made me realize that feeling good and loving yourself is apart of glowing up too and should be the main focus for everyone!

What was the main thing on my mind this week?

This week I had a lot of thing on my mind (like most of the time lol). But what stood out most to me is how I struggle with anxiety a lot still. Even though I don’t let it hold me back anymore by actually meeting up with friends, trying new things and going outside. I did realize that even though my actions don’t reflect any anxiety, my mind certainly still does! I hope this is just a last step in overcoming it and that that panicky voice gets smaller and smaller each time. It also made me realize that I have some more work to do to help myself overcome anxiety all together.


Cooking dinner at home.

Eating more balanced foods and nourishing my body.

Doing my skincare 2x a day.


Walking daily.

Not wasting food.

Starting my workout routine.

Honestly it was a pretty good week for me! I maintained a lot of the habits I set for myself. I struggled a little with walking daily because honestly, it was pouring outside and I just can’t get myself to go outside when it rains that much. Which I guess is fine! Luckily spring is coming and there will be less rain. Also I didn’t start my workout routine yet. I don’t know why this habit is so hard to maintain.. There are times when I am working out daily for months, and suddenly I’m just not into it anymore. Let’s make that the main focus of the new week ahead, actually starting that workout routine! How were your habits this week? Let’s take a moment to celebrate our wins!


Now that we have reflected on our past week, let’s set some new goals for the week ahead.

What are your main goals for next week?

Mine are:

  • Starting my workout routine
  • Starting my YouTube channel and posting more
  • Waking up early daily

My main focus next week will be to post on YouTube, I really love being creative and filming videos! Would love to share more of my life with you guys on there.

What can I do next week to maintain my habits and reach my goals?

The main thing for me to stay focused on my goals and stick to those healthy habits is to actually wake up early each morning and start my day by setting those intentions. To help remind myself of my goals when I wake up I will layout my workout clothes, my water bottle and other workout essentials. Also set up my camera and lights so I am always ready to film!

To help you reference this printable to map out your own weekly goal check-in! <3 You can safe it to your phone or print it out and add it to your journal.

Whew! This was a long post! I hope it didn’t scare you too much. Now that you know what a weekly goal check-in is and how to successfully do one yourself, next time will be a lot easier and quicker. I’m so proud of us for showing up for ourselves each day by focusing on our goals, and wanting to be the best version of ourselves every day! Let’s commit to making the next week OUR week by crushing our goals. <3

XO Bambi.

Hi! I'm Bambi.

Lover of all things wellness and pink! I created Blossly to be your ultimate guide on your journey to blossom
into the most confident and radiant version of yourself. My hope is to inspire and motivate you by sharing my own journey and knowledge. Join me and let’s glow together! <3

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